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Palram Unveils Smooth / Wood Grain Reversible Trimboard

January 4, 2013

Palram Americas is pleased to announce the first-ever truly reversible free foam PVC trim product: Reversible Palight Trimboard with wood grain finish on one side, and a smooth finish on the other side. With sealed edge technology, and double-sided protective release film, Palight Trimboard is truly a time and space saving product.

“This reversible product demonstrates our commitment to bringing new and innovative solutions to the building products market,” stated Mike Morris, Building Products Manager at Palram Americas. “Palram strives to meet the ever-changing needs of our business partners in today’s economy and we know the ability to reduce inventory while maintaining high levels of customer service is a benefit that will be enjoyed by many dealers and distributors in the channel.”

The reversible feature of Palight Trimboard allows for reduced inventory requirements at distributor warehouses, at lumberyards, and even for contractors who hold small amounts of inventory. Reversible Palight Trimboard also permits contractors to make purchases for jobs, even if the customer has not yet made a firm decision whether to use wood grain or a smooth finish.

Palram's exclusive protective release film is applied to both sides of reversible wood grain/smooth products, ensuring that the product will stay in pristine condition in distributor warehouses, lumberyards, and on the job site, saving the contractor’s valuable time. Sealed edges also help ensure that the product will stay clean and ready to paint, if desired, after installation.

Palight Trimboard is available in the northeast now, and will soon be available on a national level. Palram makes this product available through distribution; please visit for more information and how to contact us.